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Custom Wine Label Making

Personalize the Wine You Make

Great wine speaks to you in many ways — beginning with its label. The label often provides a brief summary of the wine’s attributes and year, of course. But it also provides something else: a visual representation of the wine itself. Top tier wine companies spend thousands of dollars designing labels that are aesthetically striking and visually descriptive. They want you to know the wine’s personality before you even open the bottle.

In the case of Make Wine With Us, your own personality is in your wine. That’s why we encourage our visitors to design their own wine labels. There’s no such thing as an unimportant detail when it comes to winemaking, and wine labels are certainly no exception. Although you may avoid putting labels on many things in life, this is one special thing all your own that demands a label of its very own.

Wine-making is the rare art that engages all of the senses, and the right label can set a tone that enhances the wine tasting experience. Use your creativity and let the world know what they’re about to taste when they open one of your bottles.

Choose Your Custom Labels

Your labels will be ready on the day of bottling during classes in pre-cut, peel-and-stick sheets. There are 6 labels per sheet, and each label is clear and high quality. You can choose from a variety of images that range from whimsical to sophisticated and print your own text on the surface of the label.

As a winemaker at Make Wine With Us, consider the wine you make to be your canvas. No 2 batches are exactly the same. Your customized label is the perfect final touch — an artist’s signature for a truly unique taste.


Schedule a Time to Make Wine With Us!

We want you to be inspired to make wine and design your own custom label at Make Wine with Us at our Wallington, NJ headquarters. Whether it’s an outing with friends and family or a corporate retreat, we deliver a fun and engaging experience you’ll remember for years to come.

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