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Family-Owned and -Operated Make Wine With Us Is New Jersey’s Best

You are about to experience an adventure in winemaking unparalleled anywhere in New Jersey. Why? Because the family behind Make Wine With Us eats, sleeps, and drinks winemaking. In fact, it’s an integral part of their life. And when they live winemaking every day, you can’t help but catch their winemaking fever yourself.

The moment you step into our 10,000 square-foot facility, you step into another world. It’s a world where you forget the everyday ho-hum and instantly detach yourself from daily worries and problems. Make Wine With Us is designed to be educational and, even more importantly, a series of fun-filled months making new friends, sharing laughter and joy! As you become winemaking experts, you’ll savor the flavor of some remarkable memories.

We know that learning how to make wine can lead to a fulfilling lifelong hobby, or simply further your appreciation of one of the world’s oldest forms of art. Regardless of what you know or don’t know about wine, you’ll leave our exhilarating classes with expert knowledge in a very fascinating field.

Make Wine With Us is in a class all its own because each class is not just instructional, it’s an inviting social event. There’s a party-like, communal atmosphere that helps our students to learn from each other and truly enjoy the finer aspects of New Jersey wine-making. Many of our students leave class with lifelong friendships formed over a common interest and go on to compare wines with fellow certified wine judges in local wine circles for years to come.

Every bottle of wine you make at Make Wine With Us is like a new child. It has its own distinctive personality — the right grapes, the right crush, a perfect press, careful bottling. There’s no insignificant detail, and it takes a qualified instructor with a passion for the art of winemaking to fully teach the subtleties of wine. We built Make Wine With Us with that in mind. We don’t teach a simple, beginner level course that doesn’t impart any real knowledge (although classes are very easy to follow). Our aim is to bring each student to our own high level of wine expertise.

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Let Us Teach You How to Make Wine

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