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White Wines


These grapes yield a full-bodied, moderately acidic, dry austere wine possessing a fruity character (e.g.: apple, lemon, citrus) subsequent barrel-influenced flavors include "oak," "vanilla," and malolactic fermentation-imparted "creamy-buttery" components.

Chenin Blanc

Although this grape is naturally hard, acidic, and slow to mature, it is made into fine sweet wines that age well in the bottle. In the U.S. the grape all too often ends up in the generic jug wines of bulk producers as an acidity enhancer for otherwise flabby high sugar/alcohol blends.

Pinot Grigio

French for "gray,” “grigio” refers to the grayish hue of the grape. This variety creates crisp, dry wines with good acid "bite."

Sauvignon Blanc

This variety shows a tendency toward a grassy, herbaceous flavor on the grapevine, often referred to by professional tasters as "gooseberry."

A Varietal All Your Own

At Make Wine With Us, our American Wine Society-certified (which takes many hours of training and testing) professionals will help you create your own special mix of wine, blended from whites or reds. We will work with more experienced winemakers to help them craft their own varietal from blended wines.

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