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Make Wine With Us Events Calendar 2017

Every Wednesday in August, September and


Are sampling nights to sign-up and make wine. 6:00PM - 9:00PM
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Fall Wine Making 2017

TBD Crushing & Pressing Beginning September


Racking of Chilean Wines 2017

TBD Racking of Chilean Wines TBD


*All dates and times subject to change

Racking of the Chilean Wines 2017

If you made California wine with us in the fall, now is the time to learn about the racking of the wine, which is the 3rd step in the process. This is a voluntary step for you, as we will be racking all of the wine, but we would love to have you come in and help out! No reservations are required, stop in any of the above dates and time and learn what is done. Come dressed comfortably and ready to work.

What is a Barrel Sampling?

The goal of Barrel Sampling is to introduce people to wines still in the barrel, and to help them learn about wine and better understand what they taste and to offer partnerships in wine.

A Barrel Sampling is an opportunity to join a wine group now, with an opportunity to get in on a terrific barrel of wine, then come back to the winery and bottle the wine with your new found wine lovers, typically months from now.

You will taste wine as it goes through its barrel development from a young wine to one that is ready to be bottled and enjoyed.

Stages of Wines in the Barrel

There are a number of stages that the wines go through while in the barrel. The first stage is usually the finishing of fermentation, which takes about 4 to 6 weeks. The second stage of red wines is malolactic fermentation, which changes the tart-tasting malic acid into the softer-tasting lactic acid. A wine undergoing malolactic conversion will be cloudy due to the presence of bacteria, may be fizzy, and may have the curious smell of buttered popcorn. The next stage is racking, where the dead yeast and solids from putting the wines in the barrel are removed (called the lees) and the barrel is topped off. When you attend different barrel samplings, you will start to get an understanding of the various stages wine goes through in the barrel and what the winemaster experiences to know when the wine is ready to bottle.

Barrel Sample Your Favorite Wines

Come out to Make Wine With Us to barrel sample all your favorite wines and some new ones to make new favorites!

Are You New to Wine? Call Us.

If you are new to the process and would like to schedule an initial tour and tasting, please call us at 201-876-9463 today!